The Federation

The LeRoc Modern Jive Federation is a democratic organisation which is run by committee. Committee members give much of their time freely and are voted-in annually at the AGM.

Main Committee
Secretary (acting) Jill Field
Treasurer Michel Gay
Membership Secretary
Examinations Officer
Sub Committee
Teaching Development Officer Suzanne Spirydon
Northern Regional Officer Roy Greenhalgh
Southern Regional Officer Stacey Marley
Newsletter Editor Lee Perrott

The UKA (United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance), founded 1902, is a corporate member of the British Council of Ballroom Dancing and the Central Council of Physical Recreation. It has gained NVQ accreditation i.e. the government recognises the UKA as an examining body for the National Vocational Qualification. If you pass the entrance exam to join the LeRoc French Jive Federation this automatically entitles you to become a member of the UKA. You can then enjoy various benefits of UKA membership such as conferences, workshops, magazine, public liability insurance cover etc.

Already a member of another dance association?

Though joining the LeRoc Modern Jive Federation entitles you to join the UKA, if you are already a qualified teacher belonging to another recognised dance association then you can waive UKA membership and pay only the examination fee plus the Federation membership fee.

Is the LeRoc Federation a franchise?

No. This is a misconception brought about by the existence of a number of other organisations and private companies which trade under various names such as Ceroc. Some of these attach specific conditions of trading to their teacher training courses. The LeRoc Modern Jive Federation however is non-profit making and was set up by independent teachers for independent teachers. Our condition of membership is a high level of professional expertise.

Can anyone use the name LEROC?

Yes! LEROC is a freely available name that anyone can use, and you don't need to be a member of the Federation to do so. LEROC is non-distinctive word (i.e. not made up and a term in common usage) and that it “should be free to use in the course of trade and advertising” - see our letter from the Patents Office.

History of the LeRoc Federation

In 1991 a group of independent dance teachers joined together to promote 'LeRoc' as the generic term for this modern jive style. Informal meetings took place to develop new moves and exchange ideas. As the group gained momentum, a series of highly successful promotions attracted both new business to classes and interest from established dance bodies, especially the UKA. In 1996 it was decided to create an examination system for teachers, so that the public could be assured of obtaining a high standard of teaching.

All members of the LeRoc Modern Jive Federation have passed an examination to ensure their teaching ability. If you are unsure if your teacher is qualified check the list of currently registered teachers.